Halswell Domain

Halswell Domain
View from the Model Engineers' site in the Halswell Domain

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What do you think is unique or interesting about Halswell?

Lake in Quarry Park
Halswell is a growing area and sometimes I'm left with the feeling that it is a bit of a 'nothing' place, even though I grew up here and I returned here a few years ago.   But is it a nothing place?

When I look around the first thing that I think makes Halswell interesting is the Quarry Park.  I also really like and value the Kennedys Bush Track up to the Summit Road and that connects with the Quarry via a few different routes.

Many people I've spoken to about this tell me that the Quarry is something that they regard as unique to Halswell and something that makes it a special place.

Over the last few years I have spent some time wandering around Halswell and thinking about the question of what is interesting here.  One of the the things that I've noticed is how "watery" the place is.

Halswell is the place where the Heathcote arises (and runs out to the Estuary) and it is also the place where the Halswell River arises (and runs out to Lake Ellesmere).  Nottingham Stream starts near Westlake and runs through the Westlake and Oaklands areas before heading down behind Junction Rd and Halswell Road before emerging again at Muir Park.

There are lakes and retention ponds all over the place when you start looking.  There are the new retention ponds being built in Sparks Rd. and around Awatea Road in Wigram.  There is a Lake in the Quarry (that also acts as a retention pond).  There are lakes in Curletts Reserve out the back of Aidanfield.  There is a Lake in our Domain out near the Model Railway, and there are retention ponds on either side of Halswell Road around Aidanfield.  There is Westlake in Westlake park which is pretty big.  Even though Christchurch has 100s of named waterways (yes, really.  Hundreds!), how many other parts of Christchurch have so many lakes and retention ponds around the place?

But this is just me thinking this.  What are the things that YOU think make Halswell interesting and unique?