Halswell Domain

Halswell Domain
View from the Model Engineers' site in the Halswell Domain

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Peter Laloli - Independent Citizens - standing for Council & Community Board

Like you, I am concerned about our City. I am concerned about the rapid

growth that has occurred in the Halswell ward. I am concerned that essential

infrastructure and transport planning has not kept up with this growth.

Many planning decisions are made without regard for the “knock on” effect of

those decisions in the future. I will push for a transparent process to arrive at a

very clear view of what our area should look like in the future. Let’s have a

clear view of what our Ward should look like in the future. We may not stop

growth, but we can control the outcome.

Strong, decisive and bold actions are required to address out traffic problems. I

will work with NZTA and others to find pragmatic solutions to the issues.

Residents of Halswell and Westmorland have been urging the Council to

reduce traffic speed in their areas. I intend to vigorously pursue their requests.

After 48yrs of living and raising a family here and many years of community

service, including 42yrs service in the NZ Police and 15yrs on the

Riccarton/Wigram Community Board, I feel I am well qualified to seek the City

Council position.

In my 42yrs service in the NZ Police, I was the Officer in Charge of the Hornby

Police, responsible for the delivery of Policing services to the Halswell Ward. I

was instrumental in developing partnerships with the Community and allied

agencies that resulted in significant reductions in reported crime. I feel that

Halswell area has been neglected in a Policing response. If elected I will be

determined and will strongly advocate for an increased Police presence

including a dedicated Community Constable.

The Halswell Ward, requires someone who understands the machinery of both

local and central government. I will work with all of our people and develop a

sustainable community that creates a healthy environment, that deals with

issues of the city rebuild, traffic, housing and urban development.

I have worked in the Halswell Ward for the last 25 years. I understand the

problems that exist now and that will occur in the future. Halswell requires

and experienced Councillor and Community Board Member who has the

understanding and experience to advocate for change.

My affiliation with the Halswell Ward extends back many years with my father

who served 35 years in the RNZAF and retired from Wigram. My father

navigated the first De Havilland Devon to New Zealand and this aircraft is on

display at the Air Force Museum. I am extremely proud that the Riccarton

Wigram Community Board recently named a street after my father, Colin Laloli

Place, off Corsair Dr.

We must improve the quality of life for everyone. I want to include you in the

process of resolving our issues. I will bring to the CCC an open and common

sense approach to decision making.

Together we can solve the issues that face our city and protect Christchurch,

our special place.

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