Halswell Domain

Halswell Domain
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Chrys Horn - Standing for Council

Connected Communities, Thriving Christchurch

I’m standing for Council because I am passionate about both this community and Christchurch City, and because I’ve been serving the community here for a few years and see standing for Council as a further possible step in that process.   
I’m a “Jill of all trades" rather than a master and have worked in a range of situations - from farming, and tourism, to conservation, economic development, resource management and social research.  I’ve worked with many different communities to help them frame and reach their goals and solve the problems that they face.  I currently run my own business as a social researcher, and work voluntarily both here in Halswell and across Christchurch.
Alongside my interest in community development I have also been involved in working in the areas of transport, climate, economic development and improving our democratic processes.

Building Community
The Halswell E-Newsletter, the Halswell Community website, the Halswell Community Facebook presence are all ways I've worked to connect our community, get more people involved in it, and in having a voice in the area.  The monthly Halswell Market, also, provides a regular local gathering, a place to promote local small business and local clubs and activities. 
My PhD is in social science and my main interest is in how groups and communities can work together to build resilience through strong local connections – to manage resource issues, recovery and to look ahead to think about how to meet future challenges. 

Looking after our environment:  A clean, attractive environment is central to our City’s wellbeing.  We need to take care of our water, our soil and our climate, since these things support our communities and our economy.  

Fostering local economic wellbeing:  This is about ensuring that everyone in our city is housed, fed and able to contribute to our collective wellbeing, and be acknowledged for that.   Encouraging and supporting local businesses, and community groups is an important part of this, as is spending  money in ways that help us to keep as much of it as possible cycling through our local economy.   

Transport:  I want us all to be able to move around Christchurch safely, cheaply and easily.   I support options such as safe cycleways, attractive walking facilities and dedicated bus lanes, so people have sustainable, healthy transport choices.  Having even a small number of people move away from using cars can have a significant effect on traffic movement and even roading costs.

Better Democracy and Participation:  In my experience, the more people can work together constructively to solve a problem, the better the outcomes.  If we can harness our collective knowledge and creativity, we have a better chance of meeting the challenges ahead of us and perhaps turning them into opportunities.   There are many fantastic initiatives in Christchurch that we can build from to do this - both within the Council and in the wider community. 

Check out the video for a bit more about me.

Contact me on  027 286 8653  or  chrys.horn@xtra.co.nz

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  1. This is inspiring and makes me feel positive about Halswell and Christchurch going forward. Thank you for the work you have already poured into your neighbourhood, it has made a significant difference growing our community.